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Woofie’s: Business Innovation One Walk at a Time

Chantilly Salon May 6, 2019 10:10 am - 11:10 am

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Amy Reed

In 2004 Amy Reed and her neighbor Leslie Barron launched Woofie’s to solve a problem they saw in their neighborhood. Soon they were walking dogs all over Loudoun County. Over the next 15 years Amy and Leslie would walk thousands of dogs and expand their business, Woofie’s, into a multi-million dollar pet services company. During that time they have had to innovate their business model as they identified and addressed new opportunities.

In this eye opening talk Amy will tell us about her journey from one dog walk to a new franchise model launched in 2018. She will share how they made decisions about how to meet market needs and take advantage of trends. She will discuss why they made the choices they did as the company grew, including why they chose mobile dog grooming over a brick and mortar spa model. Amy will also answer questions about why they chose to franchise rather than company owned locations to spread the Woofie’s way to the world.