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Cyberstrike: Warfare in the Fifth Domain

Reston Salon May 6, 2019 3:20 pm - 4:20 pm

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Morgan Wright

A coordinated cyber strike is launched against the Ukraine during the coldest winter on record, taking out large numbers of power plants and crippling water systems. At the same time, the Russian Federation launches a massive cyberattack, taking out the power grid in several countries and disrupting communications and water systems. Massive civil unrest taxes first responders beyond the breaking point and requires military assistance from NATO forces internationally. The culmination of a two-year espionage operation by the GRU, the military intelligence arm of the Russian Federation, double agents occupy key critical infrastructure positions in Ukraine. The Russian Federation seizes the country without a shot. How did this happen? A printer cartridge and falsified work histories. In this session, Morgan walks you through how warfare will be fought in the future, the role of cybersecurity, the importance of properly vetting employees for key positions and why traditional network security is failing to protect us.

How does this scenario impact your small business? Join internationally renowned cybersecurity strategy and security expert Morgan Wright for a discussion about that and what you need to be doing now to protect yourself from this and other threats seen and unseen.
Key Takaways from the Talk:
1. Preferred tactics used to compromise your network
2. Steps you can take today to prevent a breach
3. How to make your passwords unforgettable and unbreakable without having to write them down
4. Protecting your email accounts